About Pastor Rex Insights

Pastor Rex Orji is an anointed servant of God and an evangelist whose mandated is to restore the lost back to God through the message of Salvation and Reconciliation as laid down by Our Lord Jesus Christ.
He holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt, an Occupational Health & Safety professional.

His passion for the Kingdom of God and love for the gospel endears him towards continuously seeking the mind of Christ.

Pastor Rex Orji

He is a Pastor, a teacher of the Word, an evangelist and a gospel blogger; his passionate mission is to touch and transform lives all over the world and to prepare the End-time soldiers for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is happily married.

Pastor Rex Orji is the author of Pastor Rex Blog Page as well as Insights From Pastor Rex. These Blog are dedicated to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ; in preparation of the saints for the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The contents of this blog are inspired by the Holy Spirit. They are meant to enlighten the reader with insightful Word of God; which is potent enough to effect transformation and renewing of the mind of the reader.

These messages will fill you with undiluted Word of God. It will teach you what Christianity is all about, and how you can live a righteous life on earth as well as how you can make Heaven at last.

This blog is dedicated to the massages about righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, his gift of Salvation, Reconciliation, Repentance, Redemption, Revival, Restoration, Effective Christian Life, and the Gospel that will prepare you as an End-time soldier of Jesus Christ.

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